Hair Loss

It is normal to lose approximately 50-100 hairs a day. The most common cause of hair loss is hereditary hair loss occurring in millions of men and women.  If you are experiencing abnormal hair loss or hereditary hair loss, a dermatologist is the best place to start.  

Underlying medical conditions can also cause hair loss and may even be the first sign of a disease. 

Dr. Fisher will examine your scalp and hair and ask you a wide variety of questions regarding your health history that may provide clues as to why you are experiencing hair loss. An accurate diagnosis will ensure that the exact cause of your hair loss is being addressed. In some cases, changing hair products may be all you need to stop hair loss.

There are treatments available to slow and/or stop the progression of hair loss.  Dr. Fisher will formulate an individualized plan for you based on your symptoms, the type of hair loss you are are experiencing, and your desired goals.  

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